Grammar and Atheism.

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Date: Sun 25 May 1997 - 15:49:10 EEST

First let me support Pam's call (note correct use of apostrophe there) for
more awareness of grammar. Re: it's and its: I always used to get this
confused (the distinction seeming arbitrary to me) until I read that the rule
is that possessives formed from pronouns (hers, his, theirs, ours, whose, its)
do not take apostrophes. If you can remember that the pattern is clearer.

Secondly, someone (can't remember who) wanted to know what to do about players
who don't want their characters to worship them fuddy duddy old gods.

There are two ways to handle this:

1) The Before The Character Starts Way. Do this during character generation. At
the point at which the character would normally be initiated. You have the
tribal elders come to the poor fool and say:

"Lad, what's this I hear from your Mother about you not wanting to join
        Orlanth? What's the matter with you boy? Don't you know how dangerous
        life is nowadays? Doubly so since the Lunars came! Don't you think a man
        needs all the help he can get? And what god can help you better than
        Orlanth? He's everywhere that the air is!"

"And hasn't Orlanth helped our tribe time and time again? Didn't he tell
        us where to look to find those rustled cattle? Didn't he cure your
        Uncle Bert's Soul Waste? Are you trying to be ungrateful?"

"And if you can't join the cult you can't join the Tribe! We're not
        having outsiders who aren't sworn to the Sacred Mysteries hanging around
        trying to find out our secrets."

"But still, if you can come up with a good enough reason then I suppose
        we can find the money to get you into another cult. What is it? Do you
        want to go off and join Donander, become a wandering musician like your
        worthless cousin?"

"What's that?" (THE ELDER TURNS PALE) "You don't want to join ANY cult?
        Lad, lad, think what you're saying! Don't you know that if you die
        without a cult to back you your soul will be left to howl throughout
        eternity, a lifeless, mindless ghost with no memory or identity, fit
        only to become the slave of some shaman or sorcerer? Lad, lad, think

2.) You let the character be generated and run. During their life let them see
how other characters get better deals on buying training and magic. And when
they die (for they get no Divine Intervention) describe how their soul reaches
the court of Daka Fal, describe how their comrades are taken up by their gods
to their well deserved rest and then describe how Daka Fal, finding no divine
sponsor for their miserable spirit sends them off to whole through the Spirit
Plane for all eternity.

That should do it!

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