Re: Jumping Bears.

From: Simon Bray (101635.32@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Fri 23 May 1997 - 19:52:38 EEST

 "...the Jumping Bear, it loiters within the darkness, just beyond the light of
the campfire. It has the bulk of a bison, huge and hulking, but can stand like
an ape to leap and grab its prey. It is a creature of the night, things left
over from the time of the giants. It is said that it is born by the darkness to
test our wits. It preys upon the herds when they roam to near to the Old Places
and Spirit Places, it is not Chaos Herd and cannot be sensed by the Bull, but
can only be found by the shaman. Beware it's mouth, beware it's teeth, beware
it's belly, for as quick as this is said it will have you within it!..."
      An excerpt from the "Wild Foes Song", canted by Whistling Diamond, shaman
of the Prancing Man, Impala tribe.

 Okay, so I made this up for my campaign, but it sure scared my players. In fact
they didn't sleep for a week. I pictured the Jumping Bear as being a spirit
animal, somthing like the Nandi Bear of terrestial mythology. I don't think that
they like the light, I think that they only attack at night, but do so by semi
physical means. Their hides are shaggy and black, and their bodies are a cross
between a bear and an ape. Their mouths and eyes burn deep red, like hot coals.
In my campaign they were only seen as shadows on the plain, but there tracks
were often found the next day, and a herd beast would be lost. I think they
probably eat fools and children aswell.

 Coincidentally, the myth above must be very old as no great apes have been seen
in Prax, since the fall of the Monkey City.


 Simon Bray.


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