Gregged, so what? and more

From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Mon 26 May 1997 - 01:45:58 EEST

Some belated comments:

Joseph Troxell:
> If I'm running a campaign, and this comes up, I make an answer. However,
> there is still the imminent fear of being Gregged. To be honest, I don't
> think a lot of these issues will come up. But, if they do, I'd just like to
> feel that I can make a decision on the issue and not worry that in two
> months, I'm going to be Gregged over it.

So what if you decide on something and Greg does say
something contrary two months later? Greg doesn't run
your campaign. As somebody commented earlier this week,
Greg hasn't changed any "big" facts, apart from the
Elmal/Yelmalio thing.

A slight deviance from the "official" Glorantha should
not be a big issue.

Chris Bell:

>For 400 years they rode high on the hog, until this
>fellow Argrath discovers Draconic secrets in the ruins of Pavis and
>elsewhere that negates their uncounterable advantage (superiority behind
>the Glowline, perhaps, ability to safely use Chaos, Sorcery) and starts
>marching the Lunar Empire towards its inevitable, and well-deserved

Why well-deserved? The lunars are the least prejudiced,
most just culture in Glorantha (after the all-round
good guys in the East Isles of course) and certainly
a lot better than the smelly Orlanthi barbarians where
the only way to get fair treatment is to be strong and
have a powerful family.

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