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From: Maria & Michael (
Date: Mon 26 May 1997 - 02:33:53 EEST

STEPHEN MARTIN, Grenade-eater:

>Please, everyone, lay off of Michael -- I understood what he meant, and
>took no offense at it whatever.

Now, there's a good sport.

>In fact, I got a very good laugh out of
>his reaction (sorry for that, Michael)

There's never a need to be sorry for getting a good laugh out of something.
Quite the reverse, really.

>This is NOT my opinion, not by a longshot. [snip]
>I merely wanted to suggest that, when Greg IS actively working on a
>subject, as he has been working on Lunar material for the last two years,
>it is a waste of everyone's time to publish something of such major
>importance, when it is bound to be contradicted soon.

Assuming that one accepts Greg's version as gospel (as a good orthodox
gregite), it would be a waste of time. But Greg is always wrong, right?
Greg IS a trickster (among other things...); you may listen to a
trickster's tale but you'll be a fool to believe him.

Now, if a non-official version of the Seven Mothers or anything gloranthan
works better IMG than Greg's version (if it at all exists), which version
do you think i'd choose? If neither version is good IMG, i pick the best
parts of both and make a better version. Which is the better situation: one
true version of the Seven Mother's Cult or lots of versions from which to
pick the choicest bits?

Something is better than nothing, and lots is better than less. It's never
a waste of anyone's time publishing anything about Glorantha regardless of
impending greg, since Glorantha comes in lots of different, usually
unreconcilable, flavors.

>I just think it is foolish to spend all the time on a full write-up
>of the Seven Mothers or Red Goddess, until more info is available. Which
>I have no doubt it will be, before _too_ long.

Nothing gloranthan needs to be correct, only interesting, useful and
playable. Thus imagination is always better than information. Anyway, since
a full write-up will need a game system, we won't see the official write-up
until G:tG is available, which IS too long.

>>If Stephen doesn't see the error of his way, i WILL wish him harm. If
>>person can stymie the growth of Gloranthan knowledge because he feels
>>things are too confusing right now to be written up, THAT is like living
>>a dictatorial state.
>Now it is _you_ who are being silly, Michael.

Yeah, i know. Deliberate overreacting usually makes me look like a complete
idiot, but hopefully i do get my point across.

>People are not going to
>stop writing what they want, just on my say so.

I sure hope so. But people might get the feeling that it isn't worth
writing about Lunar stuff because they'll be gregged if/when the Lunar Book
(or whatever it's going to be called) is published. Promoting such feelings
isn't exactly what i'd call constructive.

I hope i managed to make my points and state my opinions without offending
anyone overly much (and those who feel offended by this remark can go eat a
grenade of their choice, delivered however they want).

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Michael Raaterova
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