7 Mothers write-up and silly Mike

From: goihl@zedat.fu-berlin.de
Date: Sun 25 May 1997 - 21:54:18 EEST

Hy Everyone, Haven't written for a long time. A couple of reactions:

From: "Carlson, Pam" <carlsonp@wdni.com>
 Indeed, Glorantha has left RQ in the dust.
>From what I gather, Greg was never very happy with the way the RQ rules
reflected life in Glorantha, anyway.

Me (Daniel): That's what I see too. Glorantha is stuff that comes out of
Greg's studies of Mythology and was never intended to be some gaming-world.

From: michael.raaterova.7033@student.uu.se (Maria & Michael)
>Are you really applauding the Tales crew for something they *omitted* or
>*didn't* do? Surely an updated, though incorrect, version is better than
>no updated version at all?
And Stephen replied:
>Yes, I am, and No, it would not be.
Stephen, you've been inhaling too much of that moondust.

Daniel: Hy Mike. Nice meeting you. Stephen has an opinion for which he
doesn't need moondust. I smoked all of his last time I was there anyway. You
can have your opinion too, but you don't need to insult others.

Mike: Something is always better than nothing.

D: Stimmt nicht.

Mike: Some of us are trying to play a campaign; i'd
rather have an updated, available version, no matter how un-Greg it is,
rather than having to put up with the obsolete and silly version in Cults
of Prax, a very OOP book.

D: Make one yourself! CoP is not silly. Why should a new one by Tales be
"un-Greg"? Those guys know him very well and could write it up to his
expectations. It would also take up most of the space in an issue of Tales.

Mike: So just because Greg is undecided, i'll have to wait for Lhankor knows how
long and be HAPPY that Tales didn't include an unofficial and incorrect
write-up? Go eat a grenade, Stephen.

D: Greg doesn't have the time for your wish yet. Tales wouldn't include an
"incorrect" version anyway, but one which they thought was good enough. Note
the ones they did put in. Why haven't YOU written this thing YOU want? I
catch your grenade and throw it back. Stephen's opinion is not silly, any
more than yours is. No more grenades please. They don't belong in a

Mike: If we take your attitude we will never see anything non-greg published
again about Glorantha.

D: You are tripping on your own argument. Stephen has written things himself,
and is not against everything written by others.

Mike: Stephen, the important thing isn't to be correct but playable. Glorantha is
a game-world; there is NO generally available write-up of the 7M, and you
want us who have campaigns to patiently wait until Greg gets his head
together and writes one? Have another grenade.

D: Glorantha has been adopted by many gamers as a game-world, but wasn't
intended as one. If you want playability you can just write what you need
yourself. Greg has his head together more than you do. He doesn't have the
time to write all the little stuff everyone else needs. Again, no more
grenades, or do you want your opinions respected too?

: Joerg Baumgartner <joe@toppoint.de>
: Broos at Moonbroth
IMO the Praxians rounded up a tribe of broos and chased it at lance-point
into the Lunar forces to disrupt them. To them it wasn't exactly an
alliance, rather a sophisticated method of killing chaos by having one's
enemies kill it. (And I'm not certain which side they regarded as chaotic in
that battle...)

D: Joerg is right. I was there and that's what I saw.

Enjoy your Tales, all. Daniel (Jaldon Toothmaker, with a Fixed INT)


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