Atheistic players and Walktapus

From: Thomas Gottschall (
Date: Mon 26 May 1997 - 12:37:40 EEST

Hi everyone,

Michael Cule wrote a nice story that should convince every unbelieving
player to better worship a god. Thank you !!!
I have also that sort of players who never believe in their gods. They
have excuses like : he can't do anythink anyway or I don't like gods,
first you believe in them then you realize that there is no one. Hey
since they experience god in RW they expect the Glorantha gods to be the
same. This problem was never solved by myself, maybe this time. Since
I've tried it for three years and hope this finds an end now. Thanks
Michael !

Walktapus Question : When I kill an walktapus and eat the octopus part,
will the monster rejoin and live ?

bye Thomas

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