From: Ian Gorlick (igorlick@nortel.ca)
Date: Mon 26 May 1997 - 23:31:00 EEST

IMO the cult of Elmal is almost exactly the same as the cult of
Yelmalio. (That is part of what makes rivalry between them so bitter.)
Most of their myths are the same. Their magic is the same, only the
spells from associate cults differ: Elmal gets his from the
Orlanth/Lightbringer pantheon and Yelmalio gets his from the Yelmic

The big difference between the two is in the role of their god.

Yelmalio is a prince in his own right. Ernalda came to him seeking
protection during the God's Wars and he took her to wife.

Elmal is the loyal thane of Orlanth. He was the steward of Orlanth's
stead while Orlanth undertook his quest to the underworld. Ernalda came
to Elmal during Orlanth's absence but Elmal did not take her, he
chastised her disloyalty and sent her back to care for her children.

So the two are substantially the same but nonetheless differ greatly in
one key aspect.

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Can anyone tell me why Yelmalio was at the Hill of Gold? What was the
objective of his quest when he set out? I don't think I've ever seen a
clear explanation.


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