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Date: Tue 27 May 1997 - 13:52:44 EEST

Kenth Eriksson, the Flesh Man of our Swedish team:
> This is my first contribution to this digest. I've never before taken pa=
rt of
> something like this, so bear with me. I'll try not to be boring.
Now, I'm extremely partial, since I consider Kenth to be my best
friend, but compared to what some of us (note the pronoun used!) do
on this list, I find it hard to believe that anyone would think Kenth
Sor-Eel the Tallest:
> That's it. For those of you that attended RQ-Con VIII I hope you remembe=
r the
> melody. For the rest of you I'm sorry that I couldn't include the melody=
And you others should be sorry as well, since the melody was a good
one - and an original one, too.
Pharnastes Rugbagian on the text of the song: "Low on rhyme, High on

German RQ-Con:
Nonwithstanding the fact that I kept completely sober during the
whole thing, my recollections are rather vague. I played various kind
of roleplaying games to a much higher degree than I expected, and
though I had scholarly discussions, they where mostly with the
Swedish contingent.

People of Pavis:
I played Pharnastes Rugbagian, Etyries Rune Lord. Any writeup of my
doings would look like a Filofax page. I foolishly skipped my
political and religious goals and tried to make money, and was rather
successfull, despite setbacks (like finding myself the owner of all
salt in Pavis when the market was glutted).

The three most fun things were:
1, That without me doing anything, my conflict with the Ingillis was
solved. The Zola Fel cult became part of the Lunar Pantheon, and
suddenly, at the end, they were quite interested in an alliance. As I
had accquired magical means to ship more goods for less money, the
future for river trading looks very bright. We will form one big
trust, and everyone will have to pay our prices, hehehehhe...

2, When I, who wanted to stop the violent temple faction from doing nasty
stuff to people just because of some nasty grafitti about Sor-Eel and
his brother, sent my minstrel Teriliam out on town to write positive
grafitti, with messages such as:
"Sor-Eel is really, really, really, really tall."
"Bor-Eel is not boring."
Unfortuneately, our beloved governor was not keen on destruction of
public property, regardless of how good the cause. Sigh.

3, When I was almost assasinated by a stranger I didn't know existed. The
guy struck twice and was never caught by authority (everyone
imprisoned seemed to escape - HALLO!). I was exceedingly bored during
the latter half of the game and needed some distraction. Nothing like
a good assassination attempt to spice up a boring day. Even more
funny is that my life was saved at the first attempt by an Orlanthi

It looks like people want to use this computer for something serious
and useful, so I=E4ll have to quit now. Stay tuned to this channel for
more later.

Comrade Trotsky, to St Pete the Antipodean:
> _That_ was the point I was making. Judging from your post, I suspec=
t it
> is also your own opinion. So why are we arguing?
See! That's what I talked about in my last posting! This is
shadow-arguments! We are all acting like initiates of Bolongo!

"The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea, in a beautiful pea-green boat..."
>From "The Owl and the Pussycat" by Edward Lear

Erik Sieurin
Bodagatan 39, 2 tr
50742 Bor=E5s


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