Sor Eel, what a really tall guy

From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Tue 27 May 1997 - 15:32:55 EEST

Hi All

        I would just like to confirm that Kenth Erikkson
is hereby appointed official bard to the Governor of Pavis.
I can't begin to describe the happy-warm-crimson-glow feelings
I had when my dear loyal brother had him play the song for me
on my birthday.

        I would also like to take this opportunity to decry the
misguided opinions of Ingo "Faltikus" Tschinke. He describes me
as shifty, obviously assuming that because I as a loyal Lunar
citizen was not being a dominant bully that I was scheming.
This is hurtful to those, who like myself, typify the the generous,
civilized side of the Empire. It stands to reason that any
empire that is to be successful in the long term must base its rule
on peace and prosperity, not dominance and agression. Thus when
approached with reasonable requests and suggestions which did not
harm the empire I was happy to be able to oblige.

However, when the activities threatened the interests of the Empire
I was prepared (even happy) to take strong decisive action. One of
the council members of New Pavis came very close to finding this out
and only the consequences of crucifying a respected council member
and using military force to confiscate his grain assets stayed my hand.
However, I doubt whether he realized what danger he was in and the fact
that only his generosity to Teelo Norri saved his life...

        Sor Eel
        Count of Prax & Governor of Pavis


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