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Date: Tue 27 May 1997 - 15:29:57 EEST

Andrew Raphael:
> Certainly. All of the walktapus is chaotic and regenerates. Actually,
> the smallest piece of walktapus will regenerate. In Dorastor: Land Of
> Doom we learn that the rations of Ralzakark's broo armies are chunks of
> walktapus in an indigestible container. The Lunar gourmands throw away
> the poison glands, but I'll bet the rest of it ends up in the pie.

        About the only time I can recall killing a Walktapus in an RQ
game was when there were about forty Humakti our group was traveling
with (we'd seen a big bunch of broo & were guiding the Humakti to them).
The whole group encircled the thing and hacked it to pieces. The pieces
were then spread out and each one individualy Disrupted. That killed it.
        One of the old Wyrm's Foortnotes (in the 10-12 region, I think)
had beatpot Aelwrin's recipe for cooking Walkatpus. Yes, you remove
the poison glands first. Then you take the parts you want to cook and
wash them in a fast moving stream for about three days to get rid of
the excess salt. Be carefull not to do this too close upstream of any
nearby villages.....

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