Glorantha the CCG ?

From: Frederic Ferro (
Date: Tue 27 May 1997 - 17:25:46 EEST

David Hall wrote in (the splendidly gorgeous) TotRM #16 (p. 40):

"I'm now counting on the new miniatures games from Stratelibri
and the RPG from Chaosium to allow [the Gloranthan] renaissance
to come true."

Can a miniatures game be a "hit",especially in the not-so
dynamic market ?
Miniatures games are expensive, time-consuming and limited to
the veterans of the hobby (except the GW games).

I suppose this must have been already discussed but
did Chaosium envision a Hero Wars Card-Collecting Game ?

It would probably be a more efficient mode of marketing to
attract new players. If they discover Glorantha by these cards,
Glorantha the RPG would be more successful (if it is published
shortly after the CCG).

This may seem a little cynical but after all Greg Stafford
talked of cards in HQing (Rune spells you discard
after use, contacts with Spirits or Exotic magics). These
cards of Heroes, Units, Treasures or Powers could even be used
in negotiations or mass combats in some LARPs (cf. Tarsh War).
I don't like CCGs but I think a Gloranthan CCG would be more
interesting than some marketing ploy by other companies.
It could be compatible with the miniatures game (and with the
counters of Dragon Pass/Nomad Gods). The Runes would give a nice
"graphic sytem" (the Gloranthan symbols are easier to understand
and to remember than many arbitrary signs in other games).

I suppose the Chaosium must have already rejected this idea
(although they designed MYTHOS) and Greg Stafford would not like
to imagine a simplified version of HQ where powergamers collect
rare coloured pictures of Argrath.

        Frederic Ferro
"Life is too short to learn Auld Wyrmish."


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