The Fuzzy. Loveable Bat

Date: Wed 28 May 1997 - 09:58:32 EEST

Pam Carlson noted...

> Crimson Bat - brought by the Goddess to defeat the horrific Carmanians.
> Have you read FS - what Carmanian rule was like? The bat is a definate
> improvement.
       The Bat eats people's souls; did the Carmanians do anything along that
line? And the beastie has to eat often innocent people's bodies and souls in
peacetime. I do recall that Illuminates might regard the Bat as merely
freeing people's spirits to the Next Level Above Human or whatever; still, I
think for most Gloranthans who know of it the Crimson Bat justifies all the
hatred of the Empire.

V.S. Greene : : Boston, near Arkham...


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