More on the German RQ-Con

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Wed 28 May 1997 - 12:14:22 EEST

Nils Weinander:
> Here's a short and belated report from the german con.
> In short: it was great. How can you fail in such
> incredible surroundings? The castle was superb, the
> people were great, the games were fun, the women were
> beautiful (N.B. this is not a sexist remark, I'm sure
> there were strapping men around too, but I'm not very
> good at assessing male beauty),
Nils is right - there WERE strapping men around. I was happily
surprised that so many of the Germans (at least) were younger than me
or my age. I've always assumed that you got to have children, a beard
and a beer-gut to be a true RuneQuester, but I was wrong (so far I've
only succeeded in fulfilling one of the three cult requirements, but
I'm working hard on the other two).

> some more names got
> faces etc.
Yes. Nick does NOT look like David Letterman. On the other hand,
David Hall bears a striking resemblance to an old school pal of mine.
> Orlanth paid us a visit the first night with a magnificent
> thunderstorm. Quote of the night "It shall not rain!"
> (Nick Brooke, err Karnickiles Brokath). Suffice to say
> that the dew was rather heavy shortly thereafter...
We sighed happily when Heler finally arrived, since the
suffocating, thick air of Molanni had dominated the scene up until
then. Travelling five people in a car from Western Sweden to the
middle of Germany on a very hot May-day is a good way to loose body
fluid. I'm fairly sure we payed more for Evian than for gasoline for
that trip.

> I played Rune Metal Jacket, with Lewis Jardine as GM.
> What a sorry collection of lunar recruits!
Top points to the trollkin who loved to dig latrines, and also was
the camp's cook. Since the hateful officers had to be sadistic to
EVERYONE, they at one point forbade the trollkin to keep digging...
The others were a Telmori scout without direction sense, a troll
who really didn't like to fight, an illuminated amateur philosopher
who thought a Socratic discussion was the solution to any problem, a
very cowardly Morokanth and a man who was a fanatic Lunar sympathizer
and completly loyal to the army, but also utterly incompetent. And,
oh, he lacked a penis, which we discovered when our regimental standard ca=
st a
Chaos Blessing of some kind of him and he turned into a gigantic
bronze monster.

> Then the LARP. Now LARPing isn't really my thing, so
> I was bored for a majority of the time.
I was only bored for the latter half of the game. I'm quite fond of
the Swedish style of LARP, and though I adapted to some of the
differences quite quickly, there were some who gave me greater
trouble. Most important was that the "unity of time and space" was
lost. I honestly found it very silly when two hours had passed and it
suddenly became "night", and I had to restrain myself when I saw
things happening on the other side of the castle's courtyard - those
things where really happening inside the Yelmalio Temple, so I
didn'=B4t REALLY see them. Sigh. To each his own, I suppose.

Best Quote from "An Embarrasment of Riches":
Nick's character, trapped under a large rock: "Squiffy, run for
help!" (said in typical Lassie's owner voice)

I should add an apology: I failed to congratulate Nick to his
wedding, so I hereby do so. May you live long and happily and get
just the amount of children you want!

Finally: One morning at the German Con, three separate members of the
Swedish gang could be seen exiting toilets after necessary duties
performed in such places, each of them carrying the latest number of
Tales. Inquiries confirmed they had brought Tales there for READING
purposes. I have earlier shown the importance of toilet reading

(which gives you the right relaxed mindset for contemplation) in
discovering the miracles of Glorantha.

I thus, hereby, form the IOGTR, International Order of Greggite
Toilet Readers. I appoint myself High Chairperson and coordinator for the
Order. Membership applications should be sent to me. Our symbol: The
rune of Truth within a stylicized toilet seat, surrounded by the
letters IOGTR. Our motto: "Wisdom through Relaxation". Our protector:
Lead, the Second-Born True Mostali, inventor of plumbing.

Tastelessly yours,

Erik Sieurin, IOGTR


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