From: Ian Gorlick (igorlick@nortel.ca)
Date: Wed 28 May 1997 - 23:50:00 EEST

> Certainly. All of the walktapus is chaotic and regenerates. Actually,
> the smallest piece of walktapus will regenerate. In Dorastor: Land Of
> Doom we learn that the rations of Ralzakark's broo armies are chunks of
> walktapus in an indigestible container.

Sorry, that story about Ralzakark's rations is just a bit of misinformation
intended to trick foolish people into messing about with dangerous walktapus

Even in Glorantha there is some sort of conservation of mass/energy/magic. You
can use magic to move some mass into and out of certain places so it looks like
it is appearing from nowhere, but a bit of dismembered walktapus can't muster
enough magic to pull a trick like that.

A small bit of walktapus in a jar will not turn into a big bit of walktapus in a
jar. It will turn into a small walktapus in a jar. Which will be annoying when
you open the jar.

After a walktapus is chopped up, all the little bits begin to transform slowly
into walktapuses. They will move about and search for their missing parts. If
they find each other then they will merge back into a single entity. A part that
stays separated too long will eventually develop a separate identity and will
fight against an attempt to assimilate it.

The praxians have developed an effective method of getting rid of walktapuses.
They chop them into small bits and stake the individual bits down on ant-hills.
There are lots of ant-hills in Prax. The ants will clean up the problem as long
as the bits are small enough that they can't regenerate to a mobile state faster
than the ants can eat them.


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