Gods and Runes

From: Hasni Mubarak (richo@epix.net)
Date: Thu 29 May 1997 - 03:19:57 EEST

Does every god and goddess have a unique set of Runes?

If they did, would that have a serious effect on Glorantha Theology?

If not, how do gods with matching runes get along?

Does the number of Runes associated with a particular god/goddess relate
to that beings power?

I have seen heroquesting that involved more "Non Gloranthan" worlds than
actual Gloranthan myths/recreations. Is this common, or just a
signature mark of the campaigns I've played in? (The Heroplane seems to
be a way to get to alternate worlds/dimensions.)

Does somebody have Sandy's new Shaman rules on a web page somewhere?



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