Re: Sartarites & Eriks mail.

From: Kenth Eriksson (
Date: Wed 28 May 1997 - 14:59:49 EEST

Martin Dick:
>While I will be the first to admit that characterising the Lunar Empire
>and its citizens as a bunch of chaos-loving scum whose sole purpose
>is to bring doom, chaos and death upon the world to the cost of the
>freedom-loving Orlanthi peoples is a load of nonsense.

They're not??? As I play "the Crippler" in Erik's campaign, I've never seen them
Lunars as anything else but a bunch of chaos loving, sick dudes. Kick them
Lunars where it hurts. I should mention that "the Crippler" aka Richard Jolean
is a full-blooded Sartarite Humakti. So this opinion might be a "little"

>Overall on quite a few scales, it would be reasonable to consider Sartar's
>Dragon Pass as a more civilised and just society than that of the Lunars and
>on other scales the reverse.

You see this Erik??? Someone who finally agrees with my view of the Lunar scum.

>Kenth Eriksson, the Flesh Man of our Swedish team:

Flesh man??? Wanna explain it?

>Now, I'm extremely partial, since I consider Kenth to be my best
>friend, but compared to what some of us (note the pronoun used!) do
>on this list, I find it hard to believe that anyone would think Kenth

Erik...I'm touched.

>Sor-Eel the Tallest:
>> That's it. For those of you that attended RQ-Con VIII I hope you remembe=
>r the
>> melody. For the rest of you I'm sorry that I couldn't include the melody=

What happened to your message, bro?

Kenth aka Teriliam the Loud aka "the Crippler"

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