Only Old One

From: carolyn McKinney (
Date: Thu 29 May 1997 - 06:03:17 EEST

Does anyone know if there is an official time (S.T.) when the Only Old One
took regency over the Holy Country?

Was the Castle of Black Glass built in S.T, or did it rise out of the
ground. . . Argan Argar's vehicle to the surface world?

Is there a corrolation between the OOO's rulership of Esrolia and the Year
Sons human sacrifice practise? Without knowing much about it, it seems to
be a Summer Husband, fertility festival. Since Esrolia and Argan Argar's

marriage was the first Esrolian Marriage (I imagine), maybe it is a reverse
festival, similar to Summer Wives Rites among Hendriki.
Thinking that the OOO is a child between Esrolia and OOO, does he have any
other siblings?


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