Re: Prax; Uz-inspired Lunars

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Thu 29 May 1997 - 09:45:32 EEST

James says:
> IMO, raiding trolls are pretty weak, magically -- you'll might have some
> Karrg's Sons, Death Lords, Great Hunters -- maybe a KL Priestesses or two.
> But the big guns don't come along. They stay at home, protecting the clan
> holdings and abusing the menfolk. (Gerak Kag's invasion might be an
> exception to this -- either he was personally one hell of a hero, or he
> brought along some KL priestesses to colonize Pavis).

Of course Gerak Kag was a female troll. No male would get that power! It's
only the history's of the Praxians that has changed her sex: they couldn't
stand being beaten by a woman! It is now Praxian folklore about the 'wierd'
troll - but they don't explain (and almost none actually know) *why* they
label Gerak weird. And the fresco's, and stories by those dopey Donadar
dweebs - how could *they* ever know anything???



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