From: Maria & Michael (
Date: Thu 29 May 1997 - 09:56:16 EEST

>Finally: One morning at the German Con, three separate members of the
>Swedish gang could be seen exiting toilets after necessary duties
>performed in such places, each of them carrying the latest number of
>Tales. Inquiries confirmed they had brought Tales there for READING

>I thus, hereby, form the IOGTR, International Order of Greggite
>Toilet Readers.

Based on the observed actions of three persons from Sweden, of which one
was yourself. Not very international is it?

>I appoint myself High Chairperson and coordinator for the

I think you can safely appoint yourself high chariMAN, since very few women
read prodigiously on the loo.

>Our symbol: The
>rune of Truth within a stylicized toilet seat, surrounded by the
>letters IOGTR. Our motto: "Wisdom through Relaxation".

Since we (yes, i'm apprehending my imminent membership) are greggites, it
makes us tricksters: "Truth? It's all crap!"

>Our protector:
>Lead, the Second-Born True Mostali, inventor of plumbing.


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Michael Raaterova
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