Praxians and Tales 16

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Date: Thu 29 May 1997 - 09:17:40 EEST

If you all wonder why I'm posting so often lately, I'm on vacation this
week. And hard at work on Drastic, as I'm sure you can tell.


One point I failed to notice until now on the Ecological Balance of the
Tribes. Since the initiation rituals of all the tribes involving killing
an enemy (from Genertela pack, among other sources), I would presume that
there _is_ a lot of direct competition amongst the tribes. Since most of
them are off in the Wastes, where the only humans around are other
Praxians, stands to reason they are going to specifically raid other
tribes, not just for cattle.

Of course, this is assuming that the "foe" is a human, but I think that's
a decent assumption (morocanths count, Praxian non-humans like baboons
and newtlings might too) -- if I was Waha, I wouldn't let a boy become a
man by killing a _hyena_!

Tales 16

OK, I opened a can of worms here with my comments on Tales 16. I admit
they were premature, and I should have specifically stated that I have my
copy already because I am a contributor, and so got it direct from RMM. I
apologize for any stress/distress this may have caused contributors or

I was just so excited to get it, and it looked so cool!

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