Re: Glorantha Digest V4 #435

Date: Thu 29 May 1997 - 15:11:42 EEST

> HEY! If anyone's going to be a God Learner, *I* am going to be a God
> Learner.
> (Great. I guess I'm actually a God Learner wannabe.)
> - --
> Carl Fink
God Learner? Carl, You're the farthest thing! You belive that Gods
actually have an existence independant of their worshippers! :)


More controversy by question-asking (Ye Gods! Am I a Nysalor Riddler?)

Question for the The Digest... Are Duck Young born live, or born in
eggs? do they REALLY have teeth, so as to chomp those cigars? What is
Duck societal structure, child-rearing practices, etc? (A potential
player brought this up because he may be playing a duck PC. He was
thinking about playing a female Duck who had just 'laid an egg' but was
travelling and on am important quest. PC's would take turns keeping the
egg warm, and protecting it when combat breaks out!)

All Hail the Thunderous Storm!

Chris Bell


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