HQ in other worlds

From: Jon Thorvaldson (Jon.Thorvaldson.4851@student.uu.se)
Date: Thu 29 May 1997 - 19:34:01 EEST

Hasni Mubarak wrote in GD #435:
>I have seen heroquesting that involved more "Non Gloranthan" worlds than
>actual Gloranthan myths/recreations. Is this common, or just a
>signature mark of the campaigns I've played in? (The Heroplane seems to
>be a way to get to alternate worlds/dimensions.)

No, that is not true HQ. Heroquests take place in _Gloranthan_ myth, and
what you have seen must be those GM's own versions of heroquesting.
Personally i'e never heard of people heroquesting in other gameworlds, but
then I've not heard of that many campaigns wherein the PC's have gone on a
HQ, either.

Oh, by the way I really liked Sandy's remark that
>elves aren't self-aware anyway.
        It fits... yess it doesss...



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