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Stephen Martin:

>Most of this is Dara Happan propaganda and/or myth -- you can't accept the
_stories_ in The Fortunate Succession as gospel truth,

Gasp! *sputter*! WHAT?

>unless you are Dara Happan.

Oh. Well...ok.

Actually, the FS seems to have been written by Lunar sympathizers,
rather than conservative Dara Happans. It is full of Lunar propaganda.
Ever notice the way good old Yelmgatha just up and happily died, and all
his offspring, too (even his daughters!) - leaving Takenegi undisputably
in charge? Yeah, right...

>Does every god and goddess have a unique set of Runes?

IMO, Runes are just a written system, used in Maniria, introduced by the
Godlearners, to describe deities. Other cultures do not use runes, or
use different symbols to describe their gods. The rune does not rule
the god, it merely describes it.

Owen Jones
>A puzzle for the lunar mystics of the digest.

Hurrah! I eagerly await the answer. (I will spend no effort figuring
it out. My little brain doesn't work that way. I can, however, stop a
dog fight without getting bitten.)


>My point was not to say that Lunars are evil, just that they are as
unscrupulous as a whole as any of the other societies in Glorantha.

Yes, indeedy. Much agreement.

>But the other point I was trying to make is that the Sartar of the 1500s and
1600s is a far different society to the same area in the time of the
Taming of
Dragon Pass campaign

I view 1600 Sartar as a mixed bag. Population centers like Boldhome and
Jonstown are much more cosmopolitan than the highland areas. So I think
you would find many "civilized" ideas in Boldhome and environs, you
would find that the further you go into the hills, the less the folk
know of or care about Sartar's ideals.

Perhaps other folks have different opinions. Bear in mind that I have
never actually played or reffed in 1600's Sartar as a Sartarite. Avar
Talespeaker (a Grazer) passed through there on his way to plunder Pavis
in 1615, but it is so difficult to find high culture among vendref...

>Pam mentioned the many attacks from the south as a justification for
invading Dragon Pass, but a perusal of King Of Sartar and the Genertela
box, seemed to indicate that the last invasion of peloria from the
dragon pass
area was the Empire of the Wyrms' Friends which is something like 600
ago. Have I missed a major invasion?

The Fortunate Succession should be your source for that one.

Well, no, there haven't been any MAJOR invasions in 600 years, but they
were regular as clockwork before that, running long before the dawn. To
Pelorian thinking, 600 years is a small span of time. There could be an
invasion just around the corner...

I do think there have been a lot of border incursions, probably out of
Aggar & Tarsh. Mitchuin was an Tarshite who attcked HD on her own road
(in KOS). The digest has also spent some time dwelling on exactly WHY
the lunars are in Sartar. I think there were three reasons listed:

1) They got involved in Tarsh as a buffer state. Once there, the old
Tarshite-Sartarite rivalry flared up. The new, Lunarized Tarshite
nobility (like Fazzur) managed to convince Glamour of the Great Southern

2) Great merchant houses in Carmania and throughout the rest of Peloria
wanted access to the Manirian trade routes and seaports.

3) Old DH conservatives in high places thought maybe they could finally
wipe out the source of Rebellious Terminous.

I tend to go with the first two. Maybe other folks can come up with



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