the Bat

From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 27 May 1997 - 22:22:47 EEST

someone said
>think for most Gloranthans who know of it the Crimson Bat justifies all the
>hatred of the Empire.

        No, rationalises the hatred of the Empire. The knowledge that your
enemy has a big monster, far away mostly, that you have never seen, that it
could use to eat you if it wanted, does not justify hating it - there are
all manner of similar evils in Glorantha. However if you already hate the
Lunars (for more prosaic reasons, like they tax you, and your uncle harald
died fighting them), then the Crimson Bat is an excellent thing to harp on
in your propaganda.
        Now, if the Crimson Bat had eaten your father, or was lurking in
the next valley and threatens to eat you, that is a reason to hate the
Empire. Then again, if you are a true Orlanthi there is a fair chance you
hate whatever is in the next valley anyway (Kill the Orlevings!*).



* Yes, the SFC game was fun.


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