From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 27 May 1997 - 09:39:26 EEST

        I really like the idea of the woodsmen who mark the trees, in order
to give elves the time to cut them down, but I really don't think this idea
is relevent to the Kitori, as it depends on an decent elf population in the
troll woods. Thats the Troll Woods, populated for many years by elf eating
trolls, just to make my point quite clear.
        As to how the woods survive (the original motivation for putting
elves there) - what makes you think trolls, especially Argan Argar trolls,
don't like trees? The Tree Chopping song is designed for warfare against
Aldryami, and is necessary only because trolls are not very familiar with
axes (read: don't chop down trees routinely). Trees give shade during the
day, exactly what Argan Argar worshippers allied with humans would want,
methinks. Trolls kill Aldryami, not trees.

        Perhaps we can rescue the neat ribbons idea and move it somewhere else?

        The Kitori are one of those nagging things that come up again and
again. I'd really like to have more of them in print.




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