German RQ Con

From: David Hall (
Date: Thu 29 May 1997 - 22:17:20 EEST

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks for the Megacorp with the German R=
con, Nick Brooke's wedding, and the entertaining of MOB, Neil Robinson an=
David Cheng on their flying visits. =

Many thanks to the organisers of the German RQ con for a great event, and=

to Ingo Tschinke and the RuneQuest Gesellschaft for inviting us. I hope t=
next castle venue is as magnificent as Castle Stahleck!

For me the Peoples of Pavis freeform was the highlight of the convention.=

My favourite bits were:

- - Organising Sor-eel's surprise birthday party (a surprise for all since =
made the whole thing up), complete with dancing girls, sacrificial white
sable, a spicy fish and squash banquet, and a song especially composed fo=
him by Kenth Eriksson. Unfortunately, Nick hijacked the party to sacrific=
the sable before the song could be heard by all the party-goers. I'm glad=

we made up for this when Kenth sang it at the post-game briefing.

I am actually rather surprised that no one took the opportunity to use th=
party to try and assassinate Sor-eel!

- Drunkenly wandering the streets of Pavis at night with Neil Robinson,
mistaking the Yelmalio and Pavic temples for the Uleria temple ("Where ar=
the women! Hic!"), and repeatedly trying to get arrested. It's a pity tha=
constable Paolo Guccione didn't realise that we'd planned to go meekly to=

gaol if he'd arrested us! =

- Proving my loyalty and devotion to the Eel-ariash clan and my brother,=

Sor-eel - even though he mostly ignored me and left me to rot in gaol! I'=
admit it was tempting to think that I might have replaced him as

Congratulations should go to Rick Meints as GimGim, an evil and utterly
corrupt man who had us all fooled all the way, and to the girl who played=

the ogre/Lunar judge - for almost exactly the same reasons!

The Sunday-evening book-burning was also fun, with my voice being the onl=
one heard trying to save Daughters of Darkness from its awful fate (well,=

Tales *did* publish the Chronicles of Khafre Menes way back in issue
#6...). I almost saved a piece of the book, but Neil Robinson foully
betrayed me and it was lost in the conflagration! I fear we may have awok=
a sleeping giant and started a new convention tradition - I must find my
copy of Eldarad and pack it for British Columbia...

All Hail the Reaching Moon!

David Hall


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