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> Nick, Loren, Lewis: Illuminates
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> Martin L.: Unrecidivist Barbarian
> Nils, Greg F., D. Dunham: Wyrm's Friends
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OK, most people agree that I'm a weirdo, but I didn't
know I'm _that_ weird. Wyrm's Friend?!? I thought I
actually made sense every once in a while. :-) just
in case.

Stephen Martin:
>The whole bit about
>the Kralori Empire ruling the entire land, and having a continuous and
>contiguous history since the Golden Age is objectively untrue. In fact,
>what little I have gleaned from Greg's writings is that the whole myth of
>the Kralori Empire was in fact created _by_ the God Learners of the False
>Dragon's Ring.

The fact that this is still unpublished stuff makes
it easier for me to decide to ignore it. While it's
as workable as any hypothesis, it is just too boring.
I want my Glorantha to have grandeur and sense of
wonder and a mythic feel. It has more of those if
Kralorela in fact does have an unbroken history since

the golden age, if the dragon emperors have ruled for
ages, if Kralorela is an island of changelessness (well,
in the basics at least) and ancient customs, if there
were gods walking among men, demigod rulers and awesome

"The God Learners made it all up" is no fun.

So, here is a basic outline of the history of Kralorela
in _my_ Glorantha:

The land which is now Kralorela was once inhabited by
several Hsunchen tribes. Then, still in the golden age
it was invaded by sky-worshippers from Vithela. These
were moreadvanced, militarily and magically, so they
swiftly subdued the Hsunchen except for the strongest
tribe, the dragon people. The dragon people were more
advanced, even urbanized.

The result was a land where the sky people and the
dragon people merged. The first emperors (Metsyla and
Shavaya) were sky people. Then with Daruda came a dragon
revival. The result was the dragon-influenced Kralorelan

Thalurzni, who ruled during the Darkness is called the
Balancer of Elements, and he is said to have commanded
dragons to erect the Shan Shan. I extend this to say
that he made pacts with elemental dragons who protected
Kralorela during the Darkness: earth dragons creating
the Shan Shan, sky dragons protecting from the minions
of Tyram which ravaged the East Isles, sea dragons
protecting from the nasties in Uralog's wake.

So, when Yelm rose again, Kralorela was less damaged
than other places and most importantly had kept its
culture intact.

The God Learners could defeat Yanoor because the
Kralorelan way had also become anacronistic. They
simply had no way to deal with an _innovative_ outside

In that way, I think Kralorela has changed under
Godunya. He has made subtle but important changes
which have made his land and people more flexible and
better equipped to deal with the world of the third
age (even if they'd prefer not to). His grand bridges
are in fact part of this plan.

I do agree that there is plenty of local variation
within the dragon empire though. Just read the delightfully
weird place descriptions in the Genertela book. However,
I see this as local divergence during the milennia
rather than caused by the fact that Kralorela was
fractured in many small (hsunchen) states up until
quite recently.

>Most of this is Dara Happan propaganda and/or myth -- you can't accept
>the _stories_ in The Fortunate Succession as gospel truth, unless you are
>Dara Happan.

Of course you can (or perhaps rather as slightly edited
truth) if you like me want to preserve sense of wonder,
awe and grandeur. It's just whether you prefer a historic/
evolutionary view or a mythic/flamboyant (for lack of
a better word) one.

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