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From: Dave Bailey (
Date: Fri 30 May 1997 - 10:38:52 EEST

One point I failed to notice until now on the Ecological Balance of the
Tribes. Since the initiation rituals of all the tribes involving killing
an enemy (from Genertela pack, among other sources), I would presume =
there _is_ a lot of direct competition amongst the tribes. Since most of
them are off in the Wastes, where the only humans around are other
Praxians, stands to reason they are going to specifically raid other

tribes, not just for cattle.

This seems a bit self defeating to me. If every tribe is loosing it's =
own members for religious reasons as well as a 1001 others aren't they =
running themselves down. Shouldn't they be ensuring the survival of all =
healthy members? Inter-tribal fighting in Africa has a history of =
degenerating into genocide so why not Prax?

It would make more sense to me if they did one of the following;

1) Arranged a non lethal contest for the candidates with other tribes - =
a gathering once per year say with a truce to test the boys.
2) A solo hunt of another predator that prays on the herd and that could =
be lethal but which helps the tribe.
3) Participate in a group hunt to remove a larger threat - say a feral =
broo gang.

How far apart to the tribes keep? How many Barbarians are there in the =

Dave Bailey

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