From: Andrew Joelson (joelsona@cpdmfg.cig.mot.com)
Date: Fri 30 May 1997 - 15:23:35 EEST

> God Learner? Carl, You're the farthest thing! You belive that Gods
> actually have an existence independant of their worshippers!

The GodLearners were westerners/malkioni. They beleive that the entities
pagans worship as gods actually do exist, but are not divine. The
pagans have deluded themselves into following some whopping big spirits....
certainly the spirits had existences apart from their followers! If
the 'gods' were only formered by their followers belief, the GodLearners
would not have been able to pillage them the way they did; the Goddess
Switch would certainly not have worked.


Pam Carlson gives three reasons why the Lunars headed south, then asks
if anyone else has more:

4) Blue Moon Trolls wanted to make contact with Dagori Inkath. See the
        stuff about Bina Bang in Troll Pack.

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