GodLearner? & Runes

From: Simon D. Hibbs (S.Hibbs@fcrd.gov.uk)
Date: Fri 30 May 1997 - 17:23:19 EEST

Chris Bell :

>> HEY! If anyone's going to be a God Learner, *I* am going to be a God
>> Learner.
>> (Great. I guess I'm actually a God Learner wannabe.)
>> - --
>> Carl Fink carlf@panix.com
>God Learner? Carl, You're the farthest thing! You belive that Gods
>actually have an existence independant of their worshippers! :)

But so did the GLs, they just did not care.

Jon Thorvaldson :

>>I have seen heroquesting that involved more "Non Gloranthan" worlds than
>>actual Gloranthan myths/recreations. Is this common, or just a
>>signature mark of the campaigns I've played in? (The Heroplane seems to
>>be a way to get to alternate worlds/dimensions.)
>No, that is not true HQ. Heroquests take place in _Gloranthan_ myth, and
>what you have seen must be those GM's own versions of heroquesting.
>Personally i'e never heard of people heroquesting in other gameworlds,
>but then I've not heard of that many campaigns wherein the PC's have gone
>on a HQ, either.

Heroquesting is by no means restricted to Glorantha. I know of several
experiments in heroquesting that were not run in Glorantha and from Sandy
and Greg's comments they are prety clear that heroquesting is just a
gaming model of something that can happen in the real world too. Sandy has
talked about rela world mariage ceremonies being heroquests of a kind, for

Comment Sandy?

Carlson, Pam :

>>Does every god and goddess have a unique set of Runes?
>IMO, Runes are just a written system, used in Maniria, introduced by the
>Godlearners, to describe deities. Other cultures do not use runes, or
>use different symbols to describe their gods. The rune does not rule
>the god, it merely describes it.

I've asked Greg about this at two Convulsions. He says that symbolic
systems that are obviously similar to the GL runes are used by cultures
throughout Glorantha. The GLs noticed this when they explored the world
while setting up the Middle Sea Empire and it inspired them to compile a
definitive runic system based on the common features of these ancient
symbols. Greg has also clearly stated that even cultures known to have had
no contact with the Jrusteli use magical symbols in their rituals that
fulfill the same function and are often similar in shape and form to the
GL runes. Even the elder races use runes.

Mythology and magic are all about sybolism and imagery in their widest
sense, and I think the magical power of the runic forms are somehow tied
in to the real and tangible nature of magic in Glorantha. The distinction
between the idea of a thing and the reality of that thing is drawn very
differently in our world than in Glorantha.


"What is a magician, but a practicing theorist?"
(Author unknown)


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