Argrath & Cooperation, HeroQuesting, Runes

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Date: Fri 30 May 1997 - 16:34:47 EEST

Hi everyone, a quick posting now before I go out, I'll be back soon for more!

Oliver Buernitz wondering about Argrath:-

>Here's an interesting what if. I wonder if Argarth would have managed to
>unite either the Praxians or the Sartarites against the Lunars if he hadn't
>had the example of Lunar cooperation to draw on?
>I wonder....

Although Argrath (or should I say "one of the Argraths"?) was a hero of the
"great leader" type, in the same way as Sartar, Pavis et al., he clearly
learned a lot from the Lunars and I personally feel it unlikely that he
would have been able to achieve what he did without grabbing some ideas
from the Lunars. Of course, without the Lunar aggression, Argrath would
have been unnecessary so it's a bit of a chicken and egg thing.

What Argrath certainly did seem to learn from the Lunars was military
tactics, i.e. magic-specialist units, organisational strategies, etc. This

was, of course, very effective. Looking from our GodLearnerish POV (that
is, having lots of information and 'stats' for things), it is obvious to us

that this would be the case, especially as regards the magical units. But
in 1600s Sartar it took a Hero to recognise this fact, and he had a good
model from an enlightened culture to base it on.

Jon Thorvalson on HeroQuesting:-

>Hasni Mubarak wrote in GD #435:
>>I have seen heroquesting that involved more "Non Gloranthan" worlds than
>>actual Gloranthan myths/recreations. Is this common, or just a
>>signature mark of the campaigns I've played in? (The Heroplane seems to
>>be a way to get to alternate worlds/dimensions.)
>No, that is not true HQ. Heroquests take place in _Gloranthan_ myth, and
>what you have seen must be those GM's own versions of heroquesting.
>Personally i'e never heard of people heroquesting in other gameworlds, but

>then I've not heard of that many campaigns wherein the PC's have gone on a
>HQ, either.

I'm desperately unconvinced by this attitude. Isn't HQ based upon a RW
phenomenon? Here's where I identify myself as a nutter... :-)

And I don't see _why_ it couldn't happen in other fantasy worlds, it's just
that Glorantha is one of (if not _the_) best defined and most interesting
of such worlds, so I wouldn't bother, but AFAIAC anyone else can HQ
wherever they like.

Jon T again:-

>Oh, by the way I really liked Sandy's remark that
>>elves aren't self-aware anyway.
> It fits... yess it doesss...

No Shit! Scary. Nice one Sandy!

Pam Carlson & Hasni:-

>>Does every god and goddess have a unique set of Runes?
>IMO, Runes are just a written system, used in Maniria, introduced by the
>Godlearners, to describe deities. Other cultures do not use runes, or
>use different symbols to describe their gods. The rune does not rule
>the god, it merely describes it.

IMO, the runes are older than the Godlearners, but do not all come from one
source and so were probably in the main united into a system for defining
the gods by the Godlearners. I don't expect even the GL were using the
"standard" series of runes, as Stephen Martin has pointed out to me, in a
couple of places the runes are defined as those used in Dragon Pass at the
time of the Hero Wars.

BTW, whilst as I stated above the Godlearners used the runes to describe
gods, that doesn't make them subjective concepts, just the (written) form
they take is subjective. It's another Objective/Subjective argument and
frankly, I'd love to avoid it turning into a monster like the Obs/Sub of
gods argument.

Pam again:-

>>Pam mentioned the many attacks from the south as a justification for
>invading Dragon Pass, but a perusal of King Of Sartar and the Genertela
>box, seemed to indicate that the last invasion of peloria from the
>dragon pass
>area was the Empire of the Wyrms' Friends which is something like 600
>ago. Have I missed a major invasion?
>The Fortunate Succession should be your source for that one.

Aarrggh! I'm sick of not having Greg's latest stuff (notice correct use of
apostrophe)! Will someone put me out of my misery and mail me thw Wizard's
Attic number please? (

OK, time to sign off, I'll be back later with the results of my polls (the
Obs/Sub debate and Nationality... it'll probably take some time to compile
them, I got quite a lot of responses). There's still time to send your
answers to me, if you haven't already. Thanks to everyone who played ball
and answered!



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