Walktapi ?

From: Paul.Harmaty (Paul.Harmaty@aig.com)
Date: Fri 30 May 1997 - 19:30:52 EEST

Sandy writes about Neverstarve biscuits:
> Once it is swallowed, the eater need never eat again -- the biscuit
> constantly regenerates within his or her stomach as it is being digested.

What prevents the bit of biscuit from moving along through the digestive system
regenerating from the excrement?

In general I find regeneration of an entire creature from any small portion to
be silly.
Why isn't the world over run by walktapi? .
IMHO walktapi's seem more like D&D monsters than just about any other Glorantha

V.S.Greene . . .
makes a lovely MGF point regarding staking Walktapi bits over ant mounds and
producing chaos ants. I love the idea of thousands bugs with chaos features
roaming the earth. Front page
stuff for the National Inquirer.

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