RE: Glorantha Digest V4 #437

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt) (
Date: Fri 30 May 1997 - 19:26:28 EEST

David Cake considers Troll-woods elves unlikely...

         Thats the Troll Woods, populated for many years by elf eating
        trolls, just to make my point quite clear.

Which is true. The way I work around this for my (elf-munching Troll)
Woods, is to keep the elves in the tree-tops and the Trolls on the
ground. I have also considered a special "Poison Sap" Spell for them

("yeah, come-on ya big lummox! eat me... i DARE ya!" ;-) But I am not
really convinced of that yet.

        what makes you think trolls, especially Argan Argar trolls,
don't like trees?

another exellent point. Trolls LOOOVVE trees. They provide Shade, and
you can Eat them. You see, Uz ain't so big on conservation and all, so
(I believe) ultimately they Would destroy the forest, if it were not
actively guarded by someone. They wouldn't MEAN to destroy the
forest... they'd just kinda knock down a tree here, chew some bark off
there, and before you know it... no more trees.

If theres a substantial population of elfses lurking about the sylvan
canopy, mr Uz is going to think twice before messing with the trees. Of

course, if an elf happens to slip and fall -- we have a very happy troll
(yummie!), if the troll messes with a tree -- "look mommy! Ulgh's doing
his hedgehog imitation again!" Other than that, there is little or no
contact between the two races, and even less between the elves and
anyone else. Thus the nearly universal belief that there are no elves
in the Troll Woods.

        Perhaps we can rescue the neat ribbons idea and move it
somewhere else?

I have already stolen it for the Uz in Koramondol. And it may be an
ancient tradition anywhere where The Uz and Arayami(sp) are forced to
get along somewhat.



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