As Rare as Duck Eggs....

From: Michael Cule (
Date: Fri 30 May 1997 - 21:43:46 EEST

Sorry, but the idea of the egg laying duck has firmly been put to rest.

The Durulz (and their eastern relatives the Keets) all give birth to live
young. Have since just before the Dawning. The Durulz say this is due
to a terrible curse some bugger of a god or other laid on them that
simultaneously took away their power of flight. The Keet say it was
due to their generous sacrifice of the power of flight to aid the Dawning
and the seperation of Dream from Reality.

The Durulz are mostly Orlanthi AFAIK and are frequently devoted to Humakt, a
god with a serious outlook on life. This fact may amuse you but don't let
that show if you want to get away without getting a shortsword through your
kneecaps. In My Glorantha they lost contact with their ancestral gods at
the Dawning and the Keets have been partially converted to pseudo-Western
ways due to the missionary work of the Good Sorcerer.

I don't know about teeth. Never thought of it. I'm sure you can grip a cigar
in your teeth though.

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