Date: Fri 30 May 1997 - 21:06:44 EEST

 David Cake
>I really like the idea of the woodsmen who mark the trees, in order to
>give elves the >time to cut them down,

I think just Peaceful Cut them, the elves do the Kevorkian-ing, sing the
trees to sleep or somesuch, the Kitori do the chopping.

>but I really don't think this idea is relevent to the Kitori, as >it
>depends on an >decent elf population in the troll woods. Thats the Troll
>>Woods, >populated for many >years by elf eating trolls, just to make my
>point quite >clear.
>As to how the woods survive (the original motivation for putting elves
>there) - what >makes you think trolls, especially Argan Argar trolls,
>don't like trees? The Tree >Chopping song is designed for warfare against
>Aldryami, and is necessary only because >trolls are not very familiar with
>axes (read: don't chop down trees routinely). Trees >give shade during the
>day, exactly what Argan Argar worshippers allied with humans >would want,
>methinks. Trolls kill Aldryami, not trees.

Now I'm really confused...Does it contradict some published/unpublished
source to assume there *are* elves in the Troll Woods? My original
motivation for putting elves in the Troll Woods was that it wasn't *always*
the Troll Woods. I had assumed elves might have been there first,
spontaneously generated by the forest, helping the trees survive the
Darkness. I had imagined a grudging respect (read: superstitious avoidance)
between these groups, mediated by the earth cult of Ernalda.

I wasn't trying to imply that trolls hate trees, but that they love them,
and would love to gobble them all up, but this is impractical if they're

full of elves (the trees, not the trolls). Kitori would want wood for
tools, boats and whatnot. Kitori humans might want some lumber for
building. Kitori trolls would at least want to eat a few trees
(especially)in darkseason (better than stripping all the underbrush) and
pile a few up to raise insects in. The Kitori tree-chopping fest might be
more than forest management, but a sort of substitute for raiding/warfare
against the Aldryami, who might stand a fair chance against the Uz in
all-out warfare.(no?)

Rather than having the Uz slaughtering Aldryami all night, and the
remaining Aldryami slaughtering Uz all day, MY Kitori get their
raiding/destructiveness/power kick (and their lumber) while the elves sit
smug in the trees (well, snug anyway) knowing the Kitori wouldn't dare raid
them directly. So any isolated incident between troll & elf is just that,
not a spark to warfare. The Kitori see the ribbons as indicative of mother
earth's approval, not Aldryami permission, and the elves see just the
opposite. While the earth cultists know the truth is in the balance.

>The Kitori are one of those nagging things that come up again and again.
>I'd really >like to have more of them in print.
We have quite a bit of fun, playable, & IMHO mythic/neat Kitori info, but
it may be in conflict with other sources...

Not to David Cake in particular, but...

As a general favor to all us newbies:
Would it be too much to ask for Gloranthan Scholars to CITE the sources
refered to as contradicting this or that? Just initials even? I'm making
every effort to amass a lore library, (not to mention my world lore skill)

this would make the task seem (marginally)less daunting.

gamy-ly yours,
- -Carolyn


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