Busted! -- (and Walktapi and ants)

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt) (a-daniem@microsoft.com)
Date: Fri 30 May 1997 - 23:22:46 EEST

ooops, sorry... Alex preemptively slaps me down for being an idiot ;-)
(this was too good not to quote again -- sorry for wasting the

        BTW, I notice the dread "Re: Unhelpful Digest Number" subject
        are sneaking back. I cite Rule #2, all. Those of us too lazy
        type one should perhaps invest in unDigesting mailers, which
        ought to at least give Re: Inappropriate Original Subject.



        From: "Daniel McCluskey (Volt)" <a-daniem@microsoft.com>
        Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 09:26:28 -0700
        Subject: RE: Glorantha Digest V4 #437

ah, and so I'm not TWICE the idiot... a couple of gloranthan

Has it ever been verified by an official source that there is a Giant
Walktapus living somewhere out in the middle of some ocean gibbering
"secrets man was not meant to know (tm)" and named ... well ... named
after Chaosiums famous Game of that Name.

- -and-

Giant ants are portrayed in RQ as having a communal INT based on the
size of their colony. I am curious whether there are any known Ant
Empires in glorantha... Huge colonies, of superhuman intelligence, able
to compete with Human Nations for Land and resources. It seems that
there ought to be, but I don't think... nah... it couldn't be... the
"six-legged empire" of Sandy's last post??? thats just a name... isn't

it?... (insert sinister music here) (YGMV)



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