Praxian Initation/Population Control

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Date: Fri 30 May 1997 - 21:55:51 EEST (Stephen Martin) wrote:

>One point I failed to notice until now on the Ecological Balance of the
>Tribes. Since the initiation rituals of all the tribes involving killing
>an enemy (from Genertela pack, among other sources), I would presume that
>there _is_ a lot of direct competition amongst the tribes. Since most of
>them are off in the Wastes, where the only humans around are other
>Praxians, stands to reason they are going to specifically raid other
>tribes, not just for cattle.

>Of course, this is assuming that the "foe" is a human, but I think that's
>a decent assumption (morocanths count, Praxian non-humans like baboons
>and newtlings might too) -- if I was Waha, I wouldn't let a boy become a
>man by killing a _hyena_!

I made the assumption that the initiation "kill" mainly meant keeping the
broo/chaos headcount in the Wastes down, not something which causes the
extinction of the tribes in three to four generations. Even high growth
societies (which Praxian nomads are not) cannot sustain even a small
reduction of their numbers if it is sustained. The multi-decade death rate
in these continuous situations can easily exceed the multi-decade birth
rate in these situations.

Another interpretation I did not think of before is along the American
Indian style and that is to count the "kill" when one was only a
participant of the group who killed one foe and/or having counting coup be
an alternative, ie. having non-lethal combat count too. Both of these ideas
support Steve's tribal conflict theory.

Maybe the Eiritha ability to increase calving works on herd mothers too and
flocks of fledgling warriors come out in six-packs every few weeks. Or
maybe not . . 8^)

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