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>Paul Chapman

>Oliver Buernitz wondering about Argrath:-

(And I thought I'd seen every possible mangled variation on my last name).

>>Here's an interesting what if. I wonder if Argarth would have managed to=

>>unite either the Praxians or the Sartarites against the Lunars if he =
>>had the example of Lunar cooperation to draw on?
>>I wonder....

>Although Argrath (or should I say "one of the Argraths"?) was a hero of th=
>"great leader" type, in the same way as Sartar, Pavis et al., he clearly
>learned a lot from the Lunars and I personally feel it unlikely that he
>would have been able to achieve what he did without grabbing some ideas
>from the Lunars. Of course, without the Lunar aggression, Argrath would
>have been unnecessary so it's a bit of a chicken and egg thing.

>What Argrath certainly did seem to learn from the Lunars was military
>tactics, i.e. magic-specialist units, organisational strategies, etc. Thi=
>was, of course, very effective. Looking from our GodLearnerish POV (that
>is, having lots of information and 'stats' for things), it is obvious to u=
>that this would be the case, especially as regards the magical units. But=

>in 1600s Sartar it took a Hero to recognise this fact, and he had a good
>model from an enlightened culture to base it on.

Good points which I agree whole heartedly with. But actually I wasn't so =
much wondering whether Argrath needed the Lunars as whether the Praxians and=
the Sartarites did. Did they need the experience of being trounced and =
"dominated" by the Lunars to get them to forget their differences and get =
along long enough for them to be useful to Argrath. I'd say that's part of =
the picture. What do others think?

Oliver D. Bernuetz
(It's supposed to be spelt Bern u with an umlaut tz but my parents changed =
the spelling to make it easier for people to pronounce when they moved to =
Canada....it didn't work).


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