From: Martin Laurie (MLaurie@compuserve.com)
Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 00:21:32 EEST

Sandy comments:
>Okay, let's fess up. Who, on the Digest, is infected with what mindset?
>I'll make a starting stab at it: =

> Nick, Loren, Lewis: Illuminates
> Alex, Peter, Joerg: God Learners
> Martin L.: Unrecidivist Barbarian
> Nils, Greg F., D. Dunham: Wyrm's Friends
> Pam: Hsunchen

I not really quite sure what to say about this - either I take it as a so=
of compliment, or consider it a terrible slander, muster up a horde of me=
and sack Texas.

Anyway, what the hell does recidivist mean??????? I can't get all
fired-up-angry without knowing what I've bloody well been called, next
thing I know people will be talking to me in French or something and then=

I'll be truly lost. Sheesh, mutter, mutter.....

Anyone want to classify Sandy?.....I think he's really Dayzatar....

Martin Laurie


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