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Do ducks really have teeth?

Of course -- Chaosium has an actual Gloranthan duck skeleton, which they
had at RQCon II, and might someday take elsewhere. About 3 or 4 molars on
each side, in the back.

As I recall, RQ2 (if nowhere else) says that the Ducks were cursed to
bear live young, one of the reasons they can't fly any more. (Jon Thorvaldson)
HQ in other worlds

>No, that is not true HQ. Heroquests take place in _Gloranthan_ myth, and
>what you have seen must be those GM's own versions of heroquesting.
>Personally i'e never heard of people heroquesting in other gameworlds,
>then I've not heard of that many campaigns wherein the PC's have gone on
>HQ, either.

While this statement _is_ true, it also seems to be incomplete. It may
only have been a very cheap marketing ploy for their burgeoning line of
BRP-based RPGs, but I here quote from Advice from Rurik, official Q&A
column in Wyrms Footnotes 14:

Q: The rules to Stormbringer indicate that there are other ploanes in
RuneQuest. How can these be reached using the RuneQuest rules?

A: The general methos is through the use of gates that can be entered by
entering the Hero Plane anbd debarking on another world. These gates can
be found in the ruins near the Flintnail Temple in the rubble of Pavis,
in a pool in Shadows Dance near the Giant's Throne, in a gate in the wall
of Glamour (the Lunar capital), in the Dragon's Eye, in Cragspider's
Castle, and in the Pharaoh's Castle in the City of Wonders on the
Mirrorsea in the Holy Country. All are heavily way or

I also note that a very famous RQer from Greg's campaign, Redbird the
Sage, was originally a D&D character, who underwent some major changes
when he changed to RQ, but who retained his other-worldly origin.

Karlorela and Kralori

Recent private divinations have indicated that my statement was correct,
but only so far as it went.

The writings in question all deal with the Second Age. And they are
correct, for that time period. However, when I was dropping off some of
Drastic to Rob Heinsoo for approval yesterday, I talked to Greg on the
subject, and he indicated his belief that the Kralorelan Empire per se
_HAS_ existed throughout most of pre-History and history. However, after
the whole Dragon's Eye thing in 375, apparently the Emperor left most of
the Empire to be run by his more or less human exarchs and other
functionaries, and after a few centuries, they had made a total mess of

things. When he came back after the False Dragon Circle was routed, he
set the land back in order, and drove those nasty hsunchen people out

So, I retract most of my statement, and apologize for any confusion it
may have caused. It just proves, once again, that A Little Knowledge is a
dangerous thing.

If you allow for the dissolution of the Empire during the Second Age, I
think that Nils' description is very accurate. I think that the hsunchen
tribes have been invading, off and on, since the "Green Age", when they
would probably have originated. Unless they first came in the Storm
Age/Lesser Darkness, which would make more sense in a mythic fashion.

Part of this discussion indicated that it is likely Yanoor was not
actually an Emperor, though he was probably the Grand High Vizier of the
Golden Dragon Throne, or something like that. He would have wielded most
of the responsibility of the office, though not all of the powers. This
is one reason he was so "easily" defeated (and I still think he probably
put up a hell of a fight).

The Closing and Dara Happan Mytho-history

The God Learners couldn't sidestep the curse of the Closing, because all
of them were destroyed before they had a chance to figure it out. Since

Dormal was using some sort of ancient plans when he had hsi first ships
built in the Holy Country, it may be that he even found some God Learner
records on them, which the GLs couldn't test.

As for Dara Happan Mytho-History, of course all the stories about
Nysalor, Arkat, and Gbaji are myths now -- why else do you think they all
contradict each other. Good god, look at Lords of Terror -- five pages of
people saying who Gbaji or Arkat was, most of them very different, and no
two that agree on even half of their particulars.

Sheng is another matter -- he was only 200 or so years ago, so has not
had a chance to pass into myth. Though I will note that all we have read
so far is Lunar histories, which certainly won't paint him in a
completely accurate light, you must admit.

Peter Metcalfe

>The Battle of the Falling Hills took place in Holay in 1374 ST could
>be considered an invasion of Peloria. The whole affair is extremely
>murky considering that the Fortunate Succession makes no mention of
>it *yet* the Tarshites claim the Emperor was killed.

Since Falling Hills was prompted by Lunar aggression (in both versions of
the story we have, the Lunar one and the Tarsh one), only the most
pro-Lunar propagandist could say that it was an invasion of Peloria.

And that's all the time we have today, Ladies and Gentlemen! We hope
you've enjoyed the show, and that you'll come back tomorrow.

Stephen Martin
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