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Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 02:38:16 EEST


>Not to David Cake in particular, but...

>As a general favor to all us newbies:
>Would it be too much to ask for Gloranthan Scholars to CITE the sources
>refered to as contradicting this or that? Just initials even? I'm making
>every effort to amass a lore library, (not to mention my world lore
>this would make the task seem (marginally)less daunting.

Carolyn -- You better be careful -- when I suggested this a few months
ago, I got flamed by a number of people, who accused me of trying to
change "their" Digest.

A little more seriously, I agree with you completely, and I second your
call. It is helpful not just to you "newbies" (who are doing quite well
all around, I assure you), but also to those of us who are ardent
Gloranthophiles, but haven't been on the Digest forever. Or to those
people who have been around a long time, just not as long as some others,
and so don't have the same access to older materials.

Stephen Martin
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