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Claude Manzato <>
Democratic ? That's a joke !

>In the RW, those society where based on the need for a manpower base,
>military in nature. But I was dreaming of a cult where initiates are to
>to elect the acolytes and the priests. Complete with annual election
>the HHD, propaganda campaigns, several parties (I mean subcults) and
>different runespells depending on the majority.

>Maybe some god learners experience left over.

I am reminded of the write-up of Umathela which appeared in Breakout 34
some time ago, from which I quote (without even correcting the spelling
of "worshipers", I might add):

The revolt of nature against the God Learners brought ruin. The start of
the downfall is marked by the False Gods Revolt of 901, when priests of
Worlath, Ehilm, and even Jogrampur (an imaginary deity invented in a God
Learner experiment) displayed effective magic and destroyed the
University of Yoranday.

Now there is no further info on Jogrampur, but if it was his cult, it
would be a nice joke about how the God Learners were really "voted out of

The nearest cities (form the map) to the ruins of Varanswal (where the
university was located) are Flaurine (which has been abandoned after its
port was destroyed by Terthinus, Voice of the Deep) and Fengwal, a
"Medium or Small" city about which the article gives absolutely no
information. Even given the way the elves dominate the area with their
Woodland Judgements (which are no longer "officially in effect in most
places, but which I imagine would still carry weight among most humans,
through fear if nothing else), it seems a likely place for such a cult --
as long as humans obey the elves' laws and don't get too uppity, what do
the aldryami care about how they govern themselves?

Just a whimsical thought. I do love the idea about electing the priests
and acolytes (or are the acolytes appointed by the winner, from his
fund-raising/campaigning staff?).

Michael Derry

>Maybe the Eiritha ability to increase calving works on herd mothers too
>flocks of fledgling warriors come out in six-packs every few weeks. Or
>maybe not . . 8^)

A point I address in The Book of Drastic Resolutions, Volume Prax.
Though, since the Eiritha spell for herd beasts results in females 9
times out of 10, I have assumed that the human version does as well.
Unless people think it should be reversed for some kind of cosmic balance

Stephen Martin
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