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Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 02:18:54 EEST

Robert MacArthur
>Of course Gerak Kag was a female troll. No male would get that power!
        No way! He was male. Note the evidences: no significant descendants, he
was an adventurer, and he risked himself in the front line of combat.
        Only troll females found dynasties.
        Females almost never adventure.
        Females are too valuable to be in the front line of combat.
        Once Gerak Kag had captured part of Pavis, THEN the females followed up,
to take over his possession, cast their spell to seal off the city, and
have him serve them. Maybe he even got to have sex with some of them.

Stephen Martin
>One point I failed to notice until now on the Ecological Balance of the
>Tribes. Since the initiation rituals of all the tribes involving killing
>an enemy (from Genertela pack, among other sources), I would presume that
>there _is_ a lot of direct competition amongst the tribes.
        1) Killing other tribes directly is NOT competition, in the ecological
sense, and won't exterminate a tribe unless it is specifically hunted out
(as happened with the Pure Horse people, frex). If Impalas need to kill
someone for a ritual, they're fifty times as likely to use a Bison or Sable
captive as they are to get an Ostrich man. This kind of direct killing gets
evenly spread among all tribes.
        2) The initiation rituals for the tribes aren't a one-for-one thing --
fifty youths can get their adulthood by participating in the killing of a
single enemy. Example: an Impala captive is sacrificed by shooting arrows
into his body (in Sioux-like fashion). Everyone who hits him with an arrow
before he dies becomes an adult. No one aims for the vitals, obviously.

James Frusetta
>Granted, some of the various animals will feed on different forage than
>others. But does the presence of _some_ of the herd animals
>deny that area to a clan from _another_ tribe?

        Only one tribe will graze in a given region. Nobody would graze their
beasts intermingled with an enemy's, unless there was some kind of truce
going on. But the beasts in Prax normally eat in different _types_ of
areas. High Llamas in the hills, Morocanth in the marshes, etc. Of course,
the animals don't stay exclusively in their best areas -- they wander
around, but since the Wastes haven't yet reached maximum carrying capacity,
there's usually room to find a spare empty berth.

>CA temple: Lots of happy resurrectees.
>KL temple: One happy resurrectee. A bunch of pissed-off uztagor who vote
for >CA. And a satiated priestess with plenty of leftovers.
>The voting would seem to run lots to two in favor of reusable as better.
>If you were dead, which would _you_ wish your KL priestess had? ;)
        If I were dead, why would I care? I'd be an ancestor bound to her fetch,
probably, or else I'd be in Wonderhome. My KL priestess is way better than
a Chalana Arroy priestess, because the useless CA whitemeat can't fight or
support me in combat or send attack spirits or control shades or ANYTHING!
Sure, if I get killed, she's better at bringing me back, but I'm a lot
likelier to GET killed if she's my magic support as opposed to KL. Screw
that nonsense.
        Look: match a KL priestess against a CA priestess and tell me who wins? If
you say that's not fair, then match 10 KL priestesses vs. 5 Storm Voices
and 5 CA whitemeat and tell me who wins. I bet it's KL again. And among
trolls, raw power always counts.

Chris Bell
>Are Duck Young born live, or born in eggs?
        They HAVE to be laid in eggs. The many chances for humor this allows is
just too great for words. Eggs in diapers, being rolled around in baby
carriages, being adored and chucked under the "chin" by besotted great-aunts.

>do they REALLY have teeth, so as to chomp those cigars?
        At least some do.

>What is Duck societal structure, child-rearing practices, etc?
        It is generally imitative of human practices. No pure-duck society exists
in Genertela that I know of -- all are heavily human-oriented. Not that
_ducks_ are like humans, only that their societies and cultures are
best-seen as caricatures or imitations of humans.
        This is true of the keets, too.

>(A potential player brought this up because he may be playing a duck PC.
He >was thinking about playing a female Duck who had just 'laid an egg' but
>travelling and on am important quest. PC's would take turns keeping the
>egg warm, and protecting it when combat breaks out!)
        This is a powerful argument for egg-laying amongst ducks.

Peter Metcalfe (whom I assigned as a God Learner)
>I'm touched. I was hoping I would be an Illuminate
        You're not going to believe this, but I forgot all about Illumination


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