Apology and thanks...

From: Paul Chapman (mercutio@btinternet.com)
Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 03:21:04 EEST

Two quick notes:

To David Dunham:- Merci Bien, Monsieur. Strangely enough I was browsing
through your web site a couple of days ago and could find references to
Wizard's Attic but not the number... I was in a bit of a rush, though.

Thanks again.

To Oliver Bernuetz:- Please accept my apologies for the misspelling... not
intentional obviously, I was just in a bit of a rush to get my point
across... won't happen again. As regards the Praxians & Sartarites needing
the Lunar aggression to force them to get off their butts and fight
together, I agree entirely with you. (Un)fortunately, this is a strong
human characteristic... we will war on a greater foe and take lesser foes
as allies, only to bicker again with each other once the united force has
won. A characteristic embodied very well by Orlanth, n'est-ce pas? The
pattern has been repeated countless times in RW and Gloranthan history...
look to "I Fought, We Won" again and understand _why_ it's so central to

If you listen to the Evil Geneticists, they will tell you that this sort of
behaviour has evolved to ensure the survival of the species and is all
determined by the degree of genetic relatedness between the organisms
involved. I wouldn't listen to geneticists though... they're all
Illuminates and will drive you insane! :-)

However, whilst it took the Lunar aggression to force the cooperation of
the Sartarite Clans and the Praxians, it wouldn't have happened without
Argrath (or similar hero(es)), who took old Orlanthi, Draconic and arguably
Lunar knowledge and mixed them together to make a New Thing... as was being
discussed recently, an innovative New Thing will often defeat a
seemingly-undefeatable old foe...

Paul Chapman,
An Illuminated Evil Geneticist!


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