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Sandy Petersen

> 2) The initiation rituals for the tribes aren't a one-for-one
thing --
>fifty youths can get their adulthood by participating in the killing of
>single enemy. Example: an Impala captive is sacrificed by shooting
>into his body (in Sioux-like fashion). Everyone who hits him with an
>before he dies becomes an adult. No one aims for the vitals, obviously.

Someone else suggested this as well. While it may be true in Glorantha,
and accurate for the earthly parallels expected (Amerindians, Sioux in
the example), it is rather un-glorious, and seems anti-Gloranthan, to me.
Personally, if I was Waha, I'd rather let a kid become a man by killing a
hyena, then have him become a man because the last 50 boys were good
enough shots to not hit anything vital. Unromantic, I guess that's the
right word for this.

So, bring on them broos, hyenae, and chaotic ants!

Sandy Petersen on assigning philosophies

>Peter Metcalfe (whom I assigned as a God Learner)
>>I'm touched. I was hoping I would be an Illuminate
> You're not going to believe this, but I forgot all about

You're right Sandy -- since you classified two or three people above him
as illuminates, I doubt _any_ of us will believe you. But nice try. :)

I note that I was not on your list in any place. I can only assume I'm
probably happier not knowing where I fall on your list. Again, :)

Since I admit I'm a God Learner (though I insist I'm a _Good_ God
Learner), I'll go ahead and classify myself for everyone.

Paul Chapman <mercutio@btinternet.com>
Gerak Kag was male, honest!

>Compare the Praxians. In their myths (AFAIK) no woman ever did anything
>violent or particularly leaderish... all leadership/heroic/violent stuff
>for the male gods to do, then come home to wifey and say "Honey, I'm
>while she sits there meekly. How many important female Praxians have
>been, really?

Although they are fringe, I'll agree with this statement as long as you
acknowledge the Unicorn Women, who definitely follow a feminine war
goddess -- Yelorna, the Sun Daughter.

James Frusetta <gerakkag@wam.umd.edu>
Kill dem elves

>The troll communities that _Trollpak_ seems to describe are not set in
>middle of blasted wastes, where everything edible within a night's walk
>has been nibbled down to the bedrock (e.g., the Redstone Caverns in
>_Trollpak_. Plenty of plants there).

Actually, my impression from Trollpak and related areas was that most of
Dagori Inkarth _is_ a blasted wasteland, by human terms. Because the
trolls and, especially, wild trollkin gangs eat everything. _Into Uzdom_
has (or maybe only had in 2nd edition) a trollkin gang as an encounter,
which ate everything in sight. While working on the Shadows Dance
boardgame (due out next month, really!), Greg told me that most of Dagori
Inkarth would count as chaparral, not because of the fertility of the
land, which is fine, but because most stuff doesn't have time to grow.

Think of sheep and goats overgrazing, and then multiply that by 3 or so
for the trollkin. That's my take on it, anyways.

>* Use Gorakiki-bee mercs to attack the tree-top elves from above. (I'm
> not sure what the Gorakiki situation is like in Kitoria, so I might
> have to bring in DakInk or ShaPlat outsiders).

Well, there are human bee-riders in the Holy Country, per King of Sartar,
though Greg indicated once to me that they were probably in Caladraland
and/or southern Esrolia. Still, troll bee riders are a likely complement
to them as well, though I'd wonder where they keep the giant flowers.

That goes for the Caladraland bee riders too, of course.

>Now, in an elf forest I won't necessarily win because the elves have
>numbers of troops, forest allies and formidable magical defenses to even
>things up. But this isn't an Elf Forest (it's the _Troll_ Woods), so the
>Elves are at a major disadvantage. I won't win in a season or a year,
>after 1600 years?

While I agree on principle, one thing you may have overlooked is that the
elves could have moved in when the Pharaoh took over. Since Arstola is a
major elf forest in the area, I have to assume Belintar did something to
ally them, or at least keep them neutral, when he took over. Given this
likely friendship (or at least neutrality), he might force the trolls to
let the elves move in -- they have little choice, after all, since they
already tried to beat him once, and lost the OOO because of it.

Of course, now that he's gone....

Stephen Martin
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