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Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 11:51:02 EEST

Stephen Martin:

>However, after
>the whole Dragon's Eye thing in 375, apparently the Emperor left most of
>the Empire to be run by his more or less human exarchs and other

Now this makes very good sense if you take into
account Sandy's theory that Shang Hsa (may his name
be cursed) had his third eye opened and turned into
Saintly Yanoor. Yanoor then lost interest in the
running of the empire and turned to contemplation
and spiritual matters.

> If you allow for the dissolution of the Empire during the Second Age, I
> think that Nils' description is very accurate.

That is quite plausible, and wouldn't ruin my sense
of wonder, so I'll accept that as is.

>I think that the hsunchen
> tribes have been invading, off and on, since the "Green Age", when they
> would probably have originated. Unless they first came in the Storm
> Age/Lesser Darkness, which would make more sense in a mythic fashion.

Meaning that emperor Daruda was really a hsunchen
invader of the dragon people who got assimilated
into the Kralorelan society, the merged culture
becoming the Kralorelan way?

That's an interesting twist which could work (i.e.
not mess up the picture I cling jealously to...).
To mollify my grand sweeping statements a bit there
have also been other inavsions/troubles for the
dragon empire, like the nasties from Bliss in Ignorance
(Solar Storm etc.).

> Part of this discussion indicated that it is likely Yanoor was not
> actually an Emperor, though he was probably the Grand High Vizier of the
> Golden Dragon Throne, or something like that.

Or as I said above, a semi-retired recluse who really
is the emperor but has chosen not to wield his power,
but channels his magical might to other pursuits.

> is one reason he was so "easily" defeated (and I still think he probably
> put up a hell of a fight).

Of course, the FDR messed up his serenity so much that
he had to commit suicide before he got back in touch
with base reality. I think he did what he could to
fight them, in a non-physical way.

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