Citing Sources

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Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 13:47:12 EEST

>>As a general favor to all us newbies:
>>Would it be too much to ask for Gloranthan Scholars to CITE the sources
>>refered to as contradicting this or that? Just initials even? I'm making
>>every effort to amass a lore library, (not to mention my world lore
>>this would make the task seem (marginally)less daunting.

Seconded. The problem is that most of the time the only source for
something is the Well of Wisdom, i.e. imagination.

>Carolyn -- You better be careful -- when I suggested this a few months
>ago, I got flamed by a number of people, who accused me of trying to
>change "their" Digest.

While i don't remember the details about this, i was under the impression
that the consensus was that *citing* the sources one works from is A Good
Thing, but that *sticking to* the sources is A Bad Thing. A fertile
imagination is always better than any source, be they OOP or not.

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