Nature of Flesh Man

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Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 13:46:53 EEST

>>>Kenth Eriksson, the Flesh Man of our Swedish team:

>>Flesh man??? Wanna explain it?

>>We did, actually. You just don't remember.

>Yup, I was a witness. But isn't it rather fitting that
>Flesh Man forgets?

Oh yes; otherwise Flesh Man would remember his mistakes and learn from them.

Kenth, i think Flesh Man (in an orlanthing social context) can be
characterised as the person or clan ring position responsible for saying
"HEY! Something should be done about [this]; [this] is WRONG" and "I've got
a bad feeling about this...".

Seriously; Flesh Man (the godling) saw a great problem (the Great Darkness
and the Death of Glorantha) coming and told people about it, and that
something should be done about it. Of course, nobody listen to him until it
was too late; everybody suffered because of that. So Flesh Man had to go
fix the problem himself. Luckily he was accompanied by the other
Lightbringers, or he would probably have failed miserably.

So, now every self-respecting orlanthing clan has a Flesh Man on the clan
ring whose duty it is to inform the ring when things are going awry and
petition the chieftain 'that something must be done'. Since Flesh Man (the
godling) was prophetic, it is probably wise to listen to the clan's Flesh

In some clans Flesh Man may also the Fool that asks all the awkward and
paradigm-shifting questions and points out what is obvious.

In a sense, Flesh Man is the Voice of Common Sense.

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