The Cradle Affair

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>Hello all. In the source material I've been able to scrape up, there are
>numerous elliptical references to the Cradle Affair, but precious few
>details. Is there a published source that goes into some depth on this

The source is the boxed RQII supplement Pavis: Threshold to Danger, and
more specifically the Episodes book, from 1983. The Cradle Affair of which
you ask is a really big scenario. The supplement is sadly, terribly out of
print, so the scenario is generally unavailable.

I asked Rob Heinsoo at the German RQ Con if Chaosium were going to make the
Cradle scenario available on their Glorantha web-pages. His answer was:
"Possibly" (or words to that effect).

A very short synopsis: Gonn Orta, the Elder Giant of the Rockwoods, places
his infant daughter in a giant Cradle stuffed with magical trinkets meant
to educate the giant infant when she grows up in the Underworld (like the
giants of old did before the greed of the God Learners made the giants stop
doing it). The Cradle floats merrily down the Zola Fel until all sorts of
people find out about it.

The Lunars want to possess the Cradle and a lot of other people (including
Newtlings, Uz and orlanthi rebels like Argrath-i-mean-Garrath and,
probably, the player characters) want to stop the Lunars from doing just
that. The lunars attack the Cradle with just about everything they can
muster, so it's no easy task defending the Cradle. The scenario is truly of
epic proportions.

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