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From: Jon Thorvaldson (
Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 14:47:42 EEST

Ah, it seems that I should have written out more clearly what my thoughts
were. I do not doubt that other worlds and also RW cultures have HQ-like
traditions, what I reacted to was _Gloranthans_ going to other
worlds/dimensions through HQ. Maybe I got the original question wrong, I

don't know, but IMO (and in Greg's, I believe, see below.) Glorantha exists
in it's own reality and you can not reach other worlds even through

Stephen Martin comments on the subject:
>I also note that a very famous RQer from Greg's campaign, Redbird the
>Sage, was originally a D&D character, who underwent some major changes
>when he changed to RQ, but who retained his other-worldly origin.

In the Gloranthan Lore Auction on RQ-Con 1994, Greg said:
'I am not one who enjoys mixing genres. I think it always does each genre
a disservice. ... I let it happen once and I still regret it. That was
Redbird. ... Never again.'

But, as always, every GM if free do deal with Glorantha as he likes.


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